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Dreaming Big

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Recently, a massive live oak tree, not too far from me, was hit by Lightning and had to be brought down as it was endangering two houses. The company that took the tree down, decided to mill the nice parts into slabs. I found the ad for the rough milled slabs on craigslist, and drove to Howey-in-the-Hills, FL. to pick them up. I ended up buying 4 slabs.

I'm always telling my wife how the right equipment makes all the difference! The slabs were easily moved by a man and a machine into the trainer I'd rented.

To put the size into perspective...

The average dried weight of live oak is 63 lbs/ft3(1,000 kg/m3) and almost impossible to find in slab form. This wood is beautiful, dense, heavy and resistant to rot. They deserve to be part of something substantial.

As you are likely already aware, I draw much inspiration from the work of George Nakashima, and these slabs reminded me of his alters-of-peace, depicted in the sketch below.

A table made with two of these slabs would be incredible, but it would weigh as much as a car and would be much less fun to move around. Obviously some engineering and architectural challenges will arise when delivering such a large piece - but I look forward to rising to the occasion!

Do you have a boardroom, church, museum, that needs an impressive statement piece? I'd really like to make one.

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