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I haven't really been doing much in the way of furniture making lately. Instead, I've been working on the sailboat, fabricating intricately shaped tanks for water and other fluids. It's always so difficult to make anything that fits a boat's curved surfaces, its less carpentry and more sculpture and I really enjoy it. Because of the tank making, I've decided that when I build another kitchen for myself it will be freeform i.e. full of curves.

While I've been working on the boat, I've also been trying to find inspiration for my next immediate furniture project. My wife likes these chairs that she found online. She suggested that maybe the design could be adapted for a loveseat and sofa for our living room, but that they needed cushions as well.

I think the design has potential but my initial impression is that they are rather crudely built. The weave of the seat bottom and back is too fine for the bulkiness of the wood, the leading edge of the seat is too square, and will dig into the back of the thighs. There is tons or room for improvement.

I'll keep you posted.

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